Nitric acid

Design and commissionning

Since the eighties, CEAMAG experts have been extensively involved in design and commissioning of new plants, or revamping of existing Nitric Acid Plants originally designed according to main available technologies.

Calculation models

In 1985, our Experts started developing specific tools for computerized calculation models. 

In 1989, a complete dynamic model became available for modelling the Nitric Acid processes and design of key equipment (absorbers). 

The model, validated in numerous operating plants, is used for design of new plants, revamping and optimization of existing plants.

From the accumulated experience about various processes, designs, revamping cases, CEAMAG proposes nowadays two technologies, using the best and reliable aspects of updated existing processes.

  • Mono Pressure process,
  • Dual Pressure process.

The two processes are technically competing for different situations of “Diluted Nitric Acid” production, which means with suitable concentration for using as intermediate product for feedstock of fertilizers plants production.

Mono Pressure Process

The Mono Pressure Process where the low pressure at the absorption stage leads to limitation of acid concentration and more ammonia consumption for NOx abatement,

For small or middle size plants, the mono pressure plants (LP) are often chosen, the slight increasing of operation cost is compensated by a low CAPEX.

Dual Pressure Process

The dual pressure process, which combines the advantages of the low pressure at the ammonia converter stage and high pressure at the absorption stage.

For capacities above about 900 tpd, the dual pressure process shows several advantages, in term of OPEX and CAPEX. Since its industrial developments in France in mid of the twentieth century, numerous and majority of new high capacity plants are based on this process.