CEAMAG expertise covers partial or full Ammonia Plant revamping according to Customer’s requests and targets.

  • Capacity increase,
  • Energy consumption decrease,
  • Improvement of pollution control,
  • Optimization of production runs duration.

CEAMAG offers processes for new small capacity ammonia plants (20 mtpd to 200 mtpd)



Front End Plant revamping

Primary Reformers Revamping

Process, mechanical design, supplies, and reconstruction of Radiant section and transfer line.

Typical cases in various types of reformers: 

  • Re-tubing with micro alloyed cast steel,
  • Capacity increase,
  • Reduction of pressure drop,
  • High performance catalyst for S/C at 3.0,
  • EPC contract.

Process, mechanical design, supplies, and reconstruction of Convection section.

  • New coils arrangement according to new process conditions,
  • Optimization of energy recovery,
  • EPCM contracts.

Installation of Pre-Reformer.


  • Unloading of Reformer Radiant section,
  • Reforming capacity increase,
  • Optimization of Primary Reformer tubes life.
Ammonia process front end revamping


Expertise in Full revamping of Front End Plant

Optimization of pressure drop, from Air Compressor outlet till SynGas Compressor inlet.


  • Production capacity increase, 
  • Swap to MDEA at the CO2 removal section,
  • Optimization of energy consumption,
  • Steam Saturation of Feed Gas with process condensate,
  • Process condensate treatment and re-use.
Ammonia process front end revamping



Ammonia Synthesis Loop Expertise


Booster converter for capacity increase

Re-arrangement of exchangers train for energy optimization

CEAMAG mug drying technology

A success story of 17 references


Purpose: complete elimination of oxygenated compounds in Make Up Gas at very low temperature before entering the SynLoop.


  • Energy gain by unloading of existing cooling systems and reduction of SynLoop pressure drop, 
  • Production capacity increase,
  • Installation in place of Molecular sieves for safer operation and significant energy gain.
Ammonia process front end revamping



Small capacity Ammonia plants


Process expertise for small capacities from 20 mtpd (Skid Type) to 200 mtpd (optimization of CAPEX)