07/12/2015 - Successful commissionning at Kirovo-Chepetsk ammonia plant

On mid October 2015, the synthesis loop of the AM70 type ammonia plant at Kirovo-Chepetsk site has been successfully commissioned, after modifications by CEAMAG of the synthesis loop, with optimization of the syngas circulation and installation of the CEAMAG MUG DRYING Technology.

In accordance with contractual targets, a significant energy gain was measured far above the guaranteed values, along with a more effective elimination of oxygenated compounds before the converter than the existing one.

This project came after the successful commissioning of the CEAMAG MUG DRYING and SynLoop optimization of the Perm Azot Ammonia plant.

Two more similar projects are under completion for AM70 type plants of URALCHEM.


Successful commissionning at Kirovo-Chepetsk ammonia plant