For its new Ammonium Nitrate Based granulated Compounds production at Włocławek site, ANWIL chose the Spherodizer Technology brought by CEAMAG.

The new plant will produce several formulas of granulated fertilizers as GAN, CAN and several types of ASN, from a main feed of Ammonium Nitrate solution. The single process train will allow the production of at least 1500 mtpd of granules.

Under a contract signed end of June 2019 between CEAMAG and the ANWIL EPC Contractor, CEAMAG will deliver the License for the use of the technology, the Basic Engineering Package, the Proprietary Equipment and necessary supervisions during Precommissioning and Commissioning of the plant.

First production is expected by mid of 2022.


The CEAMAG MUG DRYING SYSTEM was installed in the YARA Ammonia plant of Tertre (formerly Kemira) within the framework of the global Ammonia plant revamping performed in 2005 and 2006.

In 2018, the Plant was stopped for converter shell controls and modification of internals. The catalyst was renewed at this time.

During these 11 years of operation, no significant loss of activity of the converter catalyst was detected.

Installation of the MUG DRYING was part of the full plant revamping designed and engineered jointly by CEAMAG and the site Process Engineers, resulting in a high yield of the plant overall efficiency and increasing of capacity.

NOVEMBER 2018 - Mug Drying Technology for URALCHEM

CEAMAG has been awarded the contract by JSC “URACHEM” for revamping of their Ammonia Plant AM-76 at Kirov site, Kirov region, Federation of Russia, with installation of CEAMAG “MUG DRYING TECHNOLOGY”. The contract covers the supply of Technology, the performance of detail studies, the supply of all equipment and materials, the supervision of Construction, Pre-commissioning and Commissioning of the Plant.

The contract is coming after the successful revamping of the Ammonia plant AM-70 in 2015 on Kirov site with the same Technology.

The Technology offers a significant energy gain and production capacity increase. Design conditions are chosen for preserving a premature aging of equipment and catalysts.

Nowadays, 12 Russian plants belonging to major Ammonia Producers are revamped with the Technology.

NOVEMBER 2016 - Successful project completion with "Perm Azot"


Perm "Azot" upgraded a part of ammonia unit facilities

"Azot" branch of JSC "Uralchem" has completed modernization of ammonia synthesis section in one of main units of the plant – large-scale production ammonia unit. Investments in the project amounted to 145 million rubles.

Within this revamping, a new MUG-drying system has been introduced in the section. "One of the most important step in the ammonia production process is the ammonia synthesis carrying out in the converter. The new MUG Drying system of CEAMAG French company provides a better purification of the synthesis gas from impurities ", - quotes "Azot" Press Service of Chief Engineer Mr Nicholay Kovalevsky.

Measures realized within this modernization will provide stability of ammonia production, will reduce energy consumption and will increase the capacity of ammonia unit.

In the near future, "Azot" is planning a similar modernization of the second ammonia production unit. »

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07/12/2015 - Successful commissionning at Kirovo-Chepetsk ammonia plant

On mid October 2015, the synthesis loop of the AM70 type ammonia plant at Kirovo-Chepetsk site has been successfully commissioned, after modifications by CEAMAG of the synthesis loop, with optimization of the syngas circulation and installation of the CEAMAG MUG DRYING Technology.

In accordance with contractual targets, a significant energy gain was measured far above the guaranteed values, along with a more effective elimination of oxygenated compounds before the converter than the existing one.

This project came after the successful commissioning of the CEAMAG MUG DRYING and SynLoop optimization of the Perm Azot Ammonia plant.

Two more similar projects are under completion for AM70 type plants of URALCHEM.


Successful commissionning at Kirovo-Chepetsk ammonia plant